Registration Woes

I understand you want to meet with me to go over courses for registration. Unfortunately, due to high demand I must preform basic triage by ascertaining who really needs to meet with me and who can figure out their questions on their own. I am not trying to dissuade you from talking to me, just trying to ensure you have done your homework first, as the vast majority of questions can be answered by the links below. Therefore, I have put together a ‘how to’ guide to help you on your way to figuring out your courses and registration.

First, you can get the list of courses that are being offered in the summer, fall, or winter semesters through this link:

Second, once you have the list of courses that are available to take, you can compare that list to your audit to ascertain what you require to complete your degree.  IMPORTANT: Your audit is the most important document you have at Carleton, as it tells you how your doing and what you need to do to graduate. If you don’t know what your audit is, how to get it, how to read it, or what everything on it means, follow the links close to the end of this email and they will help you understand.

Third, please pay special attention to the requirements for advanced science faculty electives, approved arts and social science courses, and science continuation courses. For each of these requirements there is a link below. You will have to click on the link and then scroll down until you see that title. The difference between ‘continuation’ and not is that continuation courses are second year or higher. You will have several choices to make about which arts/social sciences and science elective courses to take. I can’t help you make those choices, they are dependent on your interests, course availability, and what prerequisites you have already.

Fourth, once you have a list of courses that you think will fulfill all your requirements for the semester/year/degree, you can run a ‘Hypothetical Courses’ to determine whether they will meet your degree requirements (follow the link below). You can even assign hypothetical grades to determine how your GPA would change.

Fifth, there is general registration assistance and general registration information available at the links below.
The undergraduate calendar (for the year that you entered Carleton) has all the rules and regulations that govern your degree requirements. Read it as it answers almost all questions.

Sixth, if any of the following criteria still apply (you have specific questions you have been unable to find answers to after fully completing steps 1-5, if you have failed/dropped/didn’t take a course that is a prerequisite for many of the courses you should be taking this year, if you are coming in with transfer credits that put you in an usual situation, if you hope to replace one course for another in your degree requirements, if you are contemplating switching majors, or if you have other specific concerns), then please email them to me.

Please be very specific in your email about:
– the problems you are having
– what solutions you have tried
– what error messages you are getting regarding registration
– what courses this pertains to
– whether or not you have the prerequisites
– etc

I will then determine if we should meet to go over things or if I can address your questions via email. You can also approach Ruth Hill-Lapensee <RuthHillLapensee@Cunet.Carleton.Ca> with questions.

How to View and Print Your Audit:

How To Read Your Audit:

General Registration Assistance:

General Registration Information:

Undergraduate Calendar:

Hypothetical Courses Determine what classes you should register in, see how these classes will meet your degree requirements, Assign hypothetical grades to determine how your GPA’s could be influenced:

What If Audit Considering changing your major, minor, or specialization? Want to know how your courses would count in the new degree?

Acronyms What do all these short forms on my audit mean?

Audit FAQs Have I successfully added/dropped a course? What happens if I repeat a course? What if I fail a course? Can a course satisfy >1 degree requirement? How can I take a course overload? Am I eligible to graduate?

Advanced Science Faculty Electives Courses in the Faculty of Science at the 2000 – 4000 levels. They CAN be in your major, but don’t have to be. Click on the link for more details

Approved Arts or Social Science Courses Any course offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or the Faculty of Public Affairs is allowed as an Arts or Social Sciences courses EXCEPT FOR: BUSI 1001, BUSI 1002, BUSI 1004, BUSI 1005, BUSI 1402, BUSI 2001, BUSI 2002, BUSI 3001, BUSI 3008, BUSI 4000, BUSI 4002,  ECON 2201, ECON 2202, ECON 2400, ECON 4004, ECON 4005, ECON 4706, ECON 4707, all Science Geography (GEOG) courses, all Geomatics (GEOM) courses, all Science Psychology courses (see list at the following website). Click on the link for more details

Free Elective Any course is allowable as a free elective provided it is not prohibited. Prohibited courses include: ISCI 1001, ISCI 2000, COMP 1001, MATH 0005, MATH 0006. Click on the link for more details

Science Continuation Courses Courses that are SCIENCE but NOT in your major that are at the 2000 level or above. Must be one of the following BIOL, BIOC, CHEM, COMP, ERTH (except 2415), ENSC, FOOD, GEOM, MATH, STAT, NEUR, PHYS (except 2903), Science GEOG, Science PSYC, TSES (except 2305). Click on the link for more details
BA Biology Breadth Requirements Among the credits presented at graduation, students in both the B.A. General and the B.A. Honours degrees are required to include 3.0 breadth credits, including 1.0 credit from each of three of the four Breadth Areas identified below. Credits that fulfil requirements in the Major, Minor, Concentration or Specialization may be used to fulfil the Breadth Requirement.

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