Email Etiquette

As your undergraduate advisor, part of my role is to train you in how to become a professional biologist. So, at the risk of sounding like a nagging parent, you should work on your email writing style. Below are some points that you should ensure you have completed PRIOR to sending an email to a Professor or Staff member. Also, here is a blog written by Laura Portwood-Stacer that provides more details and explanations for why this matters to your Professors:
  1. Refer to your professors as Dr. or Professor, never start off an email with “Hey Dude” or “Hey” (yes, I have received emails like this)
  2. Use proper punctuation
  3. Use correct spelling
  4. Use correct grammar
  5. Use proper capitalization
  6. Write in a professional manner, ensuring the email is concise but informative, and provides sufficient detail so that I may be able to respond quickly and efficiently.
I strongly encourage you to follow these general guidelines when contacting ANY professor unless they have explicitly instructed you otherwise.
Please note that many professors will not answer your inquiry until they receive a professional email.