Failed First Year Biology

It happens to more people than you think: you don’t pass one or more of your first year biology courses.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to enrol in your required 2nd year biology courses until you pass both your required first year biology courses. This means you will not be allowed to take BIOL 2001, 2002, 2104 or 2017, 2200 or 2201, 2303 or 2600.

Note, because BIOL 1003 is offered in the fall, if you register for it and pass the course you may be allowed to register for the 2nd year biology courses that are listed in the winter semester, given none of them have requirements of the fall 2nd year courses. However, you may be required to submit an override request for those winter courses. If that is the case, please explain that you are re-taking BIOL 1003 in the fall 2014.

Please also note that if you don’t pass BIOL 1004 you will not be allowed to take any of the 2nd year courses in the next academic year. Instead, you will have to repeat BIOL 1004. Sorry I don’t have better news, but we don’t allow students to take the 2nd year biology courses until they have the prerequisites completed.

Another possibility is to take the BIOL 1003 course elsewhere in the summer, but before you do you must get a letter of permission that shows that the course is equivalent to our course. The registrar’s office can help with this. If summer courses elsewhere are not an option, then I recommend that instead of taking your 2nd year biology courses in your second year, take some of your other required courses such as science faculty electives, Arts of Social science credits, and free electives.