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Graduate Students

EmilyEmily Missyabit McAuley (nee Whattam) (PhD student; co-advised with Professor Ron Ydenberg at Simon Fraser University)
Emily completed her MSc at Carleton University in the Bertram lab, where she published six peer-reviewed publications on a host of different subjects pertaining to diet, condition, and sexual signalling. Emily then joined Ron Ydenberg’s lab at Simon Fraser University for her PhD where she has been investigating the cumulative effects of stressors acting over a range of spatial and temporal scales on harlequin duck breeding habitat usage. Emily returned to Ottawa in 2015 and re-joined the Bertram lab at Carleton. In 2016, she also began working full-time for the Science and Technology Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) where, as the Senior Indigenous Science Liaison Officer, she acts as a link between Indigenous communities and AAFC scientists. This role also supports AAFC’s Indigenous Student Recruitment Initiative, which encourages Indigenous youth to explore an education and career in the sciences. Emily is a member of Lake Manitoba First Nation, the mother of two young children, and is completing her PhD while she simultaneously juggles her many responsibilities.


muzzatti_websitephoto.jpgMatthew Muzzatti (PhD student; co-advised with Professor Heath MacMillan at Carleton University)
Matt completed his MSc at the University of Guelph with Rebecca Hallett, where he developed an action threshold for timing insecticide applications in canola to combat swede midge (Contarinia nasturtii), an established insect pest in Canada. He then joined the MacMillan and Bertram labs in 2020 to study how to maximize the health and growth rates of cultivated crickets for human consumption. Matt enjoys insect photography and pedagogy, and is a proponent of experiential learning to enhance teaching methods.