Student Research Options

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All Student Researchers:

Students (graduate and undergraduate) interested in conducting behavioural research are encouraged to contact me. Come up with a few questions that YOU are interested in pursuing. If they happen to overlap with the questions that I pursue, then great!  If not, I may be still willing to supervise different topics, so lets talk about it.

Graduate Research:

Students interested in conducting graduate research in my laboratory should contact me directly BEFORE applying to the Ottawa Carleton Institute of Biology. If I agree that you would fit well into the lab, you should then apply to graduate school through the Ottawa Carleton Institute of Biology.

Students interested in pursuing graduates degrees should apply for provincial (Ontario Graduate Scholarship) and federal (Canadian Graduate Scholarship and NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship) support. While I accept graduate students without scholarships (if I can afford them), it is easier on you if you hold a scholarship.

Note: I am very interested in accepting new students, provided they are the right fit. I am especially interested in taking students who hold a scholarship and are interested in conducting research in one of the following areas (but don’t hesitate to contact me if you have alternate interests):

  1. How diet influences condition, life-history, and sexually-selected traits
  2. Why insect reproductive efforts are so variable
  3. Any general interest in acoustic mating systems
  4. How social environment influences mating behavior

Undergraduate Research: 

Undergraduate students who wish to conduct research in my laboratory can volunteer throughout the academic year, do research for course credit (BIOL 4901), or complete an honours thesis project (BIOL 4908). If you are looking for summer research experience, that is possible too, either as a volunteer, as a paid Dean’s summer research intern (DSRI), for course credit (BIOL 3901 or 4901), or as a paid NSERC-USRA (undergraduate student research award) recipient.  We are actively recruiting students to join our lab in 2022. Contact professor Sue Bertram at if you are interested.