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Audit FAQs Have I successfully added/dropped a course? What happens if I repeat a course? What if I fail a course? Can a course satisfy >1 degree requirement? How can I take a course overload? Am I eligible to graduate?

Advanced Science Faculty Electives Courses in the Faculty of Science at the 2000 – 4000 levels. They CAN be in your major, but don’t have to be. Click on the link for more details

Approved Arts or Social Science Courses Any course offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences or the Faculty of Public Affairs is allowed as an Arts or Social Sciences courses EXCEPT FOR: BUSI 1001, BUSI 1002, BUSI 1004, BUSI 1005, BUSI 1402, BUSI 2001, BUSI 2002, BUSI 3001, BUSI 3008, BUSI 4000, BUSI 4002,  ECON 2201, ECON 2202, ECON 2400, ECON 4004, ECON 4005, ECON 4706, ECON 4707, all Science Geography (GEOG) courses, all Geomatics (GEOM) courses, all Science Psychology courses (see list at the following website). Click on the link for more details

Free Elective Any course is allowable as a free elective provided it is not prohibited. Prohibited courses include: ISCI 1001, ISCI 2000, COMP 1001, MATH 0005, MATH 0006. Click on the link for more details

Science Continuation Courses Courses that are SCIENCE but NOT in your major that are at the 2000 level or above. Must be one of the following BIOL, BIOC, CHEM, COMP, ERTH (except 2415), ENSC, FOOD, GEOM, MATH, STAT, NEUR, PHYS (except 2903), Science GEOG, Science PSYC, TSES (except 2305). Click on the link for more details

BA Biology Breadth Requirements Among the credits presented at graduation, students in both the B.A. General and the B.A. Honours degrees are required to include 3.0 breadth credits, including 1.0 credit from each of three of the four Breadth Areas identified below. Credits that fulfil requirements in the Major, Minor, Concentration or Specialization may be used to fulfil the Breadth Requirement.

Take Courses from ANOTHER Institution (other than Ottawa U)
To complete biology courses from another institution and have them count toward your degree at Carleton you have to apply for this (well in advance). You figure out what courses you still require, what universities offer those courses, and then apply through Carleton Central.